Checking screen size for optimum image resolution selection, hold on! hypothetical inc | Chicago CGI Studio

hypothetical is a visual design studio based in Chicago. We specialize in creating CGI imagery for product designers, manufacturers, architects and agencies. We help you soak your audience's brains in your brand message, using their eyeballs as a funnel and storytelling as the method. Here's what we do for you, squished down into just three steps:

Step 1: Take all the molecules of ideas swimming around in your brain about your [architecture | product design | interior design | whatever cool new thing you've come up with] and put them in a big vat.

Step 2: Turn up the heat and distill those ideas into a cohesive set of visuals with all the details and subtle touches that communicate what your creation is really about.

Step 3: Distribute the sweet results to your audience in digital, app or print form.

Kitchen Cabinetry CGI Rendering with Pillows