Hypothetical was created in 2013 to solve a difficult problem: to help designers, product manufacturers, architects, agencies and institutions communicate visually. Design and manufacturing cycles are getting shorter every day and the quality standards people expect are getting increasingly sophisticated and complex. Hypothetical sees an opportunity in this difficult landscape to apply a twist on the typical creative production process.
Our creative offerings focus on computer generated imagery, commonly known as CGI. You’ve seen this technology at the movies, in advertising and educational content, even if you didn’t know it. We also incorporate video, photography and illustration to create engaging and on-brand still, animated, interactive and virtual reality (VR) media.
The twist Hypothetical offers that other studios don’t, in a word, is efficiency. Hypothetical wants to keep designers creating and dreaming, not managing data and diagnosing technical problems. We make use of a highly customized production pipeline and a library of collected data uncommon at small studios to make our designers as productive as possible. For our clients, this means better results, faster.

Join us on our journey to make the best visual media!  Whether you are looking to have media created for a project or a designer or artist who wants to create all day long, we want to talk.  Email Hypothetical at info@thinkhypothetical.com to start a conversation about how we can work together.

Who has Hypothetical worked with?  Here’s a sampling:

Davis Furniture • Allsteel • Forevermark Cabinetry • FRCH Design Worldwide • Webb deVlam