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I know the burning question on everybody’s mind these days: “how can my company make use of 3d rendering for our kitchen products to help reduce our image production expenses?”

The answer is in today’s case study on kitchen rendering using CGI.

Kitchens are a particularly good use of CGI because they can be so expensive to create in real life.  For example, Hypothetical was contacted recently by a kitchen cabinetry maker to have some images made for its latest line of door styles.  They were looking for a way to reduce the typical cost of shooting their products that involved constructing a kitchen, manufacturing the cabinet doors, acquiring or manufacturing the hardware and only then hiring expensive photographers to shoot and retouch the images.

Then of course they would tear it all down and nobody would ever have the chance to make so much as a single chocolate chip cookie in this kitchen.  So we were able to help them make fully CGI kitchen rendered images showing off their latest styles in a fully customized set.

They supplied us with a single sample door for each style to get the finishes and shapes right, as well as inspiration images of kitchens they liked and that fit well with the personality of their new doors.

We then digitally created the architecture and kitchen layout, added 3d refrigerators, stoves and other CGI kitchen appliances.  With the addition of some CGI food, we had a space that even the most discerning chef-that-only-exists-in-pixel-form would be proud of.

Judge for yourself, here are some of the images we created for them:

kitchen rendering cgi design

Kitchen cabinetry rendering CGI design

kitchen rendering with kitchen table

kitchen rendering using cgi

And this technique doesn’t have to apply only to kitchen cabinet makers – kitchen appliances, tools, furniture, home products and really anything else that needs to be shown in a set that reinforces the character and message of your marketing is an ideal fit for 3d rendering, and Hypothetical can help you make it a reality.

Well the images will be a reality, but not the sets.  I think you get it.

Here are a few more images showing appliances and faucets we created as a demonstration of the technique.

Kitchen faucet rendering using cgi

Wake up that kitchen faucet rendering a little coffee.


Kitchen rendering with strawberries and person.

Add people to a kitchen rendering to give it a little more life.

kitchen faucet rendering using cgi

Show off your faucets in an all white kitchen rendering.

Kitchen Faucet Splashing Water 3d Rendering

Tasty tomatoes! 3d food and water splashes make for engaging kitchen product renderings.

wine cooler 3d rendering in kitchen using cgi

A beautiful cooler full of delicious white wine. And a ham, don’t forget the ham!

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