tux penguin 3d rendering

3ds Max + VRay Standalone is not as terrifying as you think

Update 15 June 2016 –

I have a new post up that updates this information with the latest in VRay 3.0!

Update 12 November 2013 –

There’s a collection of settings in the VRay RT parameters tab (change renderer to ActiveShade mode first, which brings up the tab you need, then switch back to Production render when you’re done) that controls whether things like XRef scenes and proxies are exported.  Enabling these makes a huge difference in how useful this cross-platform rendering method can work.

Speedometer+ car motion blur 3d rendering

Maxscript to Show Speed of an Object: Speedometer+

Download Speedometer+

I was adding motion blurred cars to a project recently and since I already had the camera shutter set, I figured it would be easiest to start with a car going a reasonable speed rather than just trial-and-error to get the blur right.

So here is a quick Maxscript to show you the speed of an object.  Optional units are miles-per-hour, kilometers-per-hour, feet-per-second, meters-per-second and knots.  It works with any system units you have set except “generic”.

maxwell light lister

Maxwell Light Lister

Download Maxwell Light Lister

2013-05-10: It looks like there was a typo where I duplicated a variable name and Max 2014 isn’t happy about that.

2012-04-16: I made a small bug fix that afflicted certain uses of multi-materials.  You can always download the latest at the link above.  If you already have the script installed, just run the new one and any buttons or menu items, etc. you set up before will use the new version.