CGI Environment Design

explore worlds plucked from your imagination

Do any of these difficulties sound familiar to you?

Spending hours scouting locations but still not finding the exact right fit.

Spending thousands of dollars on set construction, photography and retouching only to tear it all down at the end.

Needing to produce marketing visuals weeks or months before a product prototype will be ready.

Needing to update an old visual with new developments but not having the budget to reconstruct a complex set all over again.

cape cod style house 3d rendering with dog

Hypothetical’s foundation is the creation of ultra-realistic CGI environment designs

The result is a fully realized environment ready to be captured in still imagery, animation and virtual reality, indistinguishable from reality


Those are all challenges Hypothetical’s CGI production expertise can solve. We approach the creation of our CGI environments much like a traditional photo shoot but with the advantages digital production allow. We typically start with inspiration boards and sketches to communicate the style of the environment. Next is the refinement much like any interior or exterior design would undergo. Then we build the set digitally where we can move virtual cameras, change finishes, explore alternate compositions and experiment without limits of physical construction. The final step is to refine the environment with careful attention to details and tried-and-true photographic techniques adapted to the digital realm.