Ronbow is a California-based maker of bath products including vanities, sinks, cabinets, mirrors and other bathroom accessories. They have produced some wonderful work in their on-site photo studio, but as they continued to grow and prepared to launch a new web site and roll out print materials, they wanted to be able to show their products in more dynamic bathroom settings than their studio allowed.

Hypothetical worked with Ronbow to showcase their products in sets that had no practical constraints – our imaginations were able to run wild and expand beyond what an in-house studio could provide. Without the burden of having to build physical sets, we were able to feature their vanities and sinks in virtual sets that included decorative molding, footprints from long and narrow to square, residential and commercial styling and the stuff of everyone’s bathroom dreams: a bath tub nook.

This work has been featured inĀ House Beautiful magazine, Ronbow’s company website and printed materials.