GafferDeadline release #1

Hypothetical is pleased to announce the first release of our open-source GafferDeadline extension, available on GitHub. Our continuing adoption of Gaffer has allowed us to iterate creative ideas faster than ever before and was instrumental in keeping our recent New York City 1609 animations moving forward.

Deadline has long been our render farm manager of choice. Its easy customization means very specific workflows can be accommodated. And its integration with Amazon Web Services gives us an extremely powerful render farm at the click of a button.

Now with the ability to dispatch node graphs directly from Gaffer to Deadline, you can keep all of your complex task dependencies intact for optimum rendering. GafferDeadline will automatically detect frame-to-frame and task-to-task dependencies in your node graphs. If your graph has more intricate dependencies than Deadline can represent natively, there is a dependency script that reads metadata attached to the Deadline job by GafferDeadline to ensure tasks are still released as soon as they can be.

If you are a Gaffer and Deadline user, or if you’ve been holding off on adopting either because they couldn’t communicate, we hope this will be just what you need to advance your own productions.