Download Speedometer+

I was adding motion blurred cars to a project recently and since I already had the camera shutter set, I figured it would be easiest to start with a car going a reasonable speed rather than just trial-and-error to get the blur right.

So here is a quick Maxscript to show you the speed of an object.  Optional units are miles-per-hour, kilometers-per-hour, feet-per-second, meters-per-second and knots.  It works with any system units you have set except “generic”.

There is also a toggle button to hold on to the current selection in case you need to select another object but still see the speed of your car / mars lander / ferret, etc.

In case you are wondering, the car pictured is going 25.9 mph (it’s probably in a school zone) with a camera shutter set to 1/8 second.

Install and run just like any of my other scripts.

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  1. Hi Eric!!

    Very cool script, and actually EXACTLY what I was after right now! What an coincidence 😉
    May I come with a few add-ons? It would be cool with an average speed info and max speed info. And perhaps distance traveled.
    Thank you once more and take care!


  2. Great script. Is there a way to link this script to text so it would be like a digital speedometer?