Documentary CGI

accurate, realistic digital historic recreations

Hypothetical’s Documentary CGI productions use research and data to tell compelling stories that can never be captured on camera.

The first photograph was created in 1826. Thomas Edison and William Kennedy Laurie Dickson created the first movie camera in 1891. That leaves a lot of history we will never see real images from.

But CGI can recreate worlds of the distant past in remarkable detail, coming as close as possible to having a camera on the ground two hundred, five hundred, a thousand years ago and more. Think of it as “documentary CGI”.

Creating realistic 3d worlds has always been Hypothetical’s mission. Historic recreation lives at the intersection of many related passions.

Our productions are carefully fact-based. No detail is too small to be held to the highest standards of accuracy and adherence to the latest research.

Our documentary CGI productions start with source material such as maps, written accounts, drawings, photographs, archaeological research and ecological data. These materials speak to us as a script does to a film director. They are the sources that inspire, inform and verify the authenticity of our work.

With that scaffolding in place, we build the digital world using cutting edge visual effects artistry and technology.

Once we create the world in 3d, we can output a wide variety of media including animation, still imagery, virtual reality and interactive experiences.

Recent technology development and Hypothetical’s relentless drive for the most efficient production methods allows for recreating historic scenes without a blockbuster-film budget.